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Christopher McDonalds

The Go-Getter:How I Survived 45 Years in Hollywood

By: Christopher McDonald,Martin Svensson and Leif Eriksson

Thelma & Louise,Happy Gilmore,Flubber,Grease 2,Requiem for a Dream, Quiz ShowandBroken Flowersare just a few of the hundreds of movies and series that have made actor Christopher McDonald a familiar face over the past four decades.

In 2022 Christopher was nominatedfor an Emmy for his role as Marty in the HBO hitHacks.That same year he appeared in the equally lauded Netflix seriesThe Watcheras detective Rourke Chamberland.

Christopher McDonald’s autobiography TheGo-Getter:How I Survived 45 Years in Hollywooddescribes the journey of triumphs and setbacks on the exhilarating path to that spring.

Publication date: TBA

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