Angie Stone

Welcome to Arena Scripts, Angie Stone! Here with her co-authors, Leif Eriksson and Martin Svensson.


Stacey Dash

Welcome to Arena Scripts, Stacey!


Yousef Erakat

Permuted Press has set an July 22, 2021 release date for Yousef Erakat’s (AKA, Fousey) autobiography, “Warning! This is not a motivational Story”.

Some of our books

TMI – My Life In Scandal

By: Perez Hilton, Leif Eriksson, Martin Svensson

Double Talkin' Jive

By: Matt Sorum, Leif Eriksson, Martin Svensson


By: Samantha Fox, Leif Eriksson, Martin Svensson

The Mauler

By: Alexander Gustafsson, Leif Eriksson, Martin Svensson

Luna och Superkraften

By: Sören Olsson, Leif Eriksson, Martin Svensson


By: Joakim Lundell, Leif Eriksson, Martin Svensson

Some of our clients

Stacey Dash

Matt Sorum

Perez Hilton

Samantha Fox

Alexander Gustafsson

Victoria Silvstedt

Yousef Erakat

Courtney Stodden

Peter Jöback

Robin Söderling

Martin Svensson

Leif Eriksson

Henrik Johnsson

Sören Olsson

Pernilla Gesén

Joel Berglund

Andrew McIntyre

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Arena Scripts Literary and Film Agency is a full-service literary agency and media development company devoted to providing the best experience and results for our exceptionally talented clients, from traditional publishing to new groundbreaking media productions and beyond. We are committed to bringing unique and extraordinary true stories to life in cooperation with our global network of dedicated publishers and production companies. The agency also represent a carefully selected number of top-ranked authors of innovative children’s literature.

We believe in working in close partnership with all our clients to devise the best strategy at every stage of the writing and marketing process. We always look for and develop new and exciting ways to reach wider audiences, including by way of pioneering collabs between best-selling authors and international artist in different genres.

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